Small Kid; Tank Top

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Our Second flick in the Station Trilogy.

The beach plus the station crew makes for one crazy time. Whether it’s drinking pee, watching kid’s freak out or listening in on a few girl stories, laugher is sure to follow.

The station crew embarks on there second movie with “Small Kid; Tank Top” you learn more about the characters you feel in love with in “Wasted Apples”. Small Kid goes in more detail with Alex’s ongoing trouble with woman, and everybody else’s enjoyment with the ongoing trouble with woman that Alex has. This movie shows that if you have good friends any situation can be a good time and even more so, things aren’t always as them seem.

The Station Trilogy’s second movie bases its self on the summer, the shore house, the story between the beginning and the ending. When you finish watching this movie it will make you appreciate what’s really important in your life.

Remember you crazy kitties, it’s VHS!